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Maybe this exists and I don't know about it...?

But it sure would be nice to have some kind of filler plate to create a flat surface to bolt rear full corners to, without having to afro-fab brackets to deal with the gap, and not have to rely on the top edge only.

This would be especially useful for big-tire applications where you want to run flat fenders(no flares) only, or flat fenders with a high clearance flare welded to them.

Here's what I'm thinking;
A Delrin Plastic (easy material to machine/mold, and it's dense) or Aluminum insert that would bolt to nutserts placed in the factory rear fender flare holes using countersunk flathead allen bolts. Solid!

The filler plate would then have threaded inserts along side the mounting bolts to bolt your full corners into. Or if the insert was aluminum, you could drill/tap your own holes to line up with your corners. Lots of options here.

If the insert is molded to follow the factory fender flare pocket, I think it would be incredibly strong since there is plenty of shape/contour/spot welds on the inside of the pocket to create a solid mounting surface for the filler plate.

This would allow 4-Door corners, such as PSC's, to continue down the back edge of the rear door instead of stopping at the top edge. And 2-Door corners to have additional strength without the ugly gap to dent into if you hit them hard.
And additionally, for any of us wanting to comp-cut, or corner-cut, this material could easily be trimmed by the user for a custom wheel well opening.

What do you think? Did somebody already come up with this?
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