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Rear defrost and wiper

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Hello. I just bought my first jk, my fourth wrangler. I haven't found anything about my question: I'm wondering if anyone else has wired their rear defrost and wiper to toggle switches? I don't want to go through the hassle of installing the wiring harness where I have to take apart my dash. It's a sport and didn't come wired for hard top. Thanks.
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I don't understand why you would go to all the trouble of a half-ass install when doing it right just isn't that difficult. The wiper and washer relays are burned onto the TIPM. I think by the time you rig up a manual solution, you will have burned through $200 of time and energy to get the harness in place. If you aren't running a TIPM, then I'm assuming you would not be asking how to wire stuff up. If you're just trying to do it yourself to prove a point, talk to @christensent 馃槅 The install guide for the harness shows a pinout map. You can probably use that to wire up some manual switches.

EDIT: Checking around, it looks like most threads out there about this topic end with "why would you want to do that" and then fall off into a black hole of no replies.
Haha. I don't understand it either. I really like figuring out this stuff. The way I'm planning on doing it would make you shake your head in wonder. I was just curious if anyone has done it.
Nothing wrong with any of that. From the ma帽uel:

The rear wiper motor park switch is a single pole, single throw, momentary switch within the wiper motor that is mechanically actuated by the wiper motor transmission components. The park switch alternately closes and opens a voltage signal for the rear wiper motor electronic control logic circuitry of the TIPM. The park switch is normally an open circuit when the rear wiper blade is in the parked position, and is connected to fused ignition output when the rear wiper blade is anywhere except parked.

This park switch input allows the electronic logic circuits of the TIPM to control all of the electronic features of rear wiper motor operation and to keep the motor energized long enough to complete its current wipe cycle and park the wiper blade at the base of the glass after the status of the rear wiper system or the ignition switch transitions to Off. The internal TIPM circuitry pulls the park switch sense input to ground when the switch is open so that the microcontroller sees a ground when the wiper blade is parked.
Not sure if you would have to work around that as well. Again, probably better to just buy the harness kit. Also, the harness kit includes the new fluid pump that sends fluid to the rear.
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