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Getting ready to put it all together as the lift is here,
wheels are in the garage and just went to DiscountTire.
I have known the guy about 18 years (went to highschool
together) so he tries to be fair to me.

Went out looked over the Rubi, told him I really only wanted
to go 33's. We were looking at the new BFG KMII, after hearing
I only wanted 33's he told me to keep the stock Rubi tires, throw
them on the AEV wheels and get the stock tires sipped since its
winter here in MI and this is mainly a daily driver....

I was kinda surprised... He said he can get me ProComp, MT etc
but said to keep what I have.

BFG would only give me $62 per tire on trade.

35's with the lift are just more then I want for a daily driver.
When I don't drive this daily in a couple years Ill do 35's for
sure but for now make it easier for my GF to get into and a
better DD.

What do you guys suggest?
I don't mind selling the stock tires and wheels
(I am going to take the TPMS stems off the stockers
I think).... I know I could sell them on CraigsList as
they have about 1500 miles on them, just no clue
what I could get. Id put whatever I got outta that into
new tires.

I wanna do this quick as winter is here, the snow started
today and I dont want to wait till I have too many miles
on the stockers.

I would even go 34's with the right tire, I was kinda shocked when
he said to stick with the stockers, I just think they will look
weird with the 2 in lift.
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