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Hey Matson,

I have a few questions regarding reinstalling my 2.5" ARB GC kit on my '16 JKU RHR... came off a '14 JKUR.

-I've seen and read a bit about the outboard lower front shock mount brackets and they seem like a good idea on reinstall, however, they are not in the current ARB GC kit, but they are in the other shock GC kits. Is there a particular reason why they are not in the ARB kit? Is there a fitment issue or something?

-My kit was purchased in Dec of 2013. When did the front & rear TB's start shipping with the current Duratrak bushing? If my tb's don't have the Duratrak, can I order just the bushing and replace it on the current tb's?

-Lastly, I need to order a few replacement parts for the new install if you can pm me a quote... 2 sets of brake lines, exhaust spacer kit, front & rear bumpstop kits, and depending on your answer above, the lower front shock mount brackets.

Thanks Matson... can't wait to get the lift back on. This stock ride is driving me crazy. :suicide:

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