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We have been running a great re-gear special for non rubicon JK's.
Price is $1450.00 and includes the following;
Your choice of 4:10, 4:56, 4:88 or 5:13.
-Motive Gear ring and pinion sets
-Full master kits
-New inner tube seals
-Shop supplies

If your Jeep is equipped with 3:21 gears there is a $100 charge for a new front carrier.

We are raising the price $200 after the new year to $1650.00 which is still a killer deal.

Please call 904-993-5670 or PM me if you have any questions or would like to schedule and appointment.

We can also install limited slip diffs, lockers or selectable lockers. We match most online prices.

We also offer great prices for Rubicons as well.
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