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Rausch Creek may 31st and june 1st

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me and some people from pa-wheeling.com will be goin to RC the last week end of may if anyones intrested, any rig welcome. ill be camping there but mostly eveyone else will be staying at a hotel
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Im interested in going, got to check my schedule
cool, post up if you can make it
Ditto, can prolly commit to Sunday. Saturday's usually a wash since the wife's been working in the morning leaving me with the kids. Got my junk ready, just need to take it out now :D .
I may be able to make it. Trying to work a deal with the wife :laughing:

How many rigs are going? What trail ratings are typically run? Blue, Black? Multiple groups? Just wondering the details. ;)
OBTW - Your group is family friendly, right? I'll be bringing my 5yo along with us if we come. He loves to wheel! :grinpimp:
not sure of total amount of jeeps yet. we eill prob run blues some blacks. family freindy.
We'll be there on Saturday. Please post meeting time and details. Thanks! :grinpimp:
well will be meeting around 8:30-9 sat morning, prob around my camper. its a old pop-up and i have a rescue green 2 door
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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