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In my TJ I had my GPS, ipod, etc. mounted with RAM Mount cradles off of the window bar of the front cage. I'll also eventually put a front cage in the JK but until then I wanted a way to use the RAM Mount cradles...here is what I came up with:

Pretty much the only spot on the center console that has "hard" support (a metal frame) behind it is the area of these two screws:

Here is the metal frame underneath the drivers side screw:

I somehow didn't end up with a picture of just the brackets but I created two L shaped brackets (out of 1" x 1/8" flat stock) and put them under those screws. The top plastic piece still fits (tightly) between the two brackets. I then made an arm to span between the two bracket arms and mounted the RAM Mount ball to it:

While I was at it I hard wired a power cable and routed that up in the rear seam of the plastic top.

Here are a couple of shots of the final setup:

I haven't taken it for drive yet but it seems very sturdy. I will eventually replace the factory screws and nutserts (??) with bolts/nuts and give it a coat of black paint. Probably about $7-8 in materials.
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