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Raleigh/ Central NC Meet n Greet

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Locked and Loaded
Sunday the 11th, say noonish?

No vendor sponsorhips, i'm way too lazy, Shawn had all of that energy.

Same as always at Locked n Loaded in Garner. I40 to exit 299 - Hammond Road, head south, turn left on Hwy 70, its on teh right.

I'll post up a map soon.

1.Johnny Mac! might even be traveling with out the kids this time
2. Sin52 - Kyle
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I'm in. Just look for the youngest coolest cat there :party:!!

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Hey does anyone of you guys still have stock 17's with low miles, that they want to sell?
As in Rubicon wheels? I do.

JohnMc count me in!
the 17's with the goodyear tires on them. Trying to get some for pops for xmas that have life left. Found some up in va for 400 w/15k look new.
Sorry but I think thatll be me:thefinger:
That be able to sit at the big boys table! Anyone bringing their kids for grizzly to sit with? Hahaha :thefinger:

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What? Just messing around. Not meant to taken serious.
good to talk to you last nite:beer:

i'll cross post on nc4x4, i dont have a jkf login anymore so f'em.
Holiday Bump.

Me - John
Sin52 - Kyle
07JKRubi - Thomas
DJStorm100 - BTW, I still want to see your relay system, I kinda butchered the wiring on my rack lights.

No Problem John! Look forward to meeting everyone!

As for JKF I'm on there secretly, don't post much though. Let me know the details and I'll post them up. Over the summer I was up at Locked and Loaded with CNC4x4 club. Never joined though as school and work really tie me up.
Sounds good to me considering I graduate the day before! Lol. I have a few college Ids y'all can use just flash them real quick lol

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Since i hit 25 or so I've wanted a fake ID that said I was 18:grinpimp::thefinger:

Works for me.
lmao that be awesome! Not sure why but I'm sure I can come up with some stupid/funny things to do with it.
I may, Im going to be bringing a Buick to drive from wilmington to Raleigh so I can probably take that
If you need a ride let me know.
If we can get enough interest (like 6 rigs), I'd be glad to plan a weekend trip to Black Mountain in Harlan :beer:
Good meeting everyone yesterday!!

I was just looking at their website. Saids it take about 6 and half hours to get there. Def be a weekend trip! :bounce:
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