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Raleigh/ Central NC Meet n Greet

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Locked and Loaded
Sunday the 11th, say noonish?

No vendor sponsorhips, i'm way too lazy, Shawn had all of that energy.

Same as always at Locked n Loaded in Garner. I40 to exit 299 - Hammond Road, head south, turn left on Hwy 70, its on teh right.

I'll post up a map soon.

1.Johnny Mac! might even be traveling with out the kids this time
2. Sin52 - Kyle
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Ill be there but not sure if ill have my jeep or not
I'm in. Just look for the youngest coolest cat there :party:!!

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Sorry but I think thatll be me:thefinger:
Since i hit 25 or so I've wanted a fake ID that said I was 18:grinpimp::thefinger:

Works for me.
I've got one the other way around
You gonna need a ride?
I may, Im going to be bringing a Buick to drive from wilmington to Raleigh so I can probably take that
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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