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First of all, I am not a Raiders fan.

Having said that, Coach Hugh Jackson seemed to have them going in the right direction, was cultivating some good discipline, a stronger culture in the team, getting a solid QB, only to narrowly miss the playoffs.

I just saw this new IDIOT of a GM (Reggie McKenzie) that the Raiders hired, who couldn't assemble a sentence with words that have more than one syllable. I wanted to look-up that (children's) game "Hooked on Phonics" and send it to him as a gift, since General Managers should be able to articulate themselves in a Press Conference. Apparently the new Gm wanted to flex his new authority and fired Hugh Jackson this morning! What an idiot! For all of the years that the Raiders have suffered with Al inserting himself into every decision, not letting his Coaches, coach, the Raiders were finally experiencing a positive and upward trend of competitive football, and this new jackass fires the Coach that got them there. :shaking:

Sorry Raider fans, I hope you do better, but with our old Coach (Jeff Fisher) going to the Rams (or Dolphins), there aren't many good options left...

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