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Been a while since I've been on here but I've been cleaning house and decided it was time to part with these babies.

Selling 5 - 17" x 9.5" Raceline Monsters with 4" BS, steel rings and all Grade 8 hardware included. They have been used, came off a 4400 car before I got them. Held air without a problem when I pulled them, just aren't showroom pretty anymore.

Lug pattern is 6x5.5", pretty uncommon for that to show up on a JK but I wanted to give you guys first crack at these before they go to pirate and CL. Maybe someone with a Currie setup?

Asking $1000 for the lot, I am located in Newport Beach, CA. If you have any questions or want to stop and take a look just text me (310967ninefourninesix) and I am happy to oblige. PM's or posts work too but texts are always quicker!

I would prefer to keep the sale local as shipping these pretty much sucks but I am open to it on your dime if no one around here wants them. If I forgot anything important let me know.

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