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The most important thing when lifting is geometry .
I've read thread after thread on different forums
about guys doing lifts and the handling and overall
driveabilty is not good along with increased bump steer
and wobble .
These issues occur because not enough attn was
given to the geometry . Your pinion angle front & back.
Front Castor Angle is super important .
I'm not sure what your budget is . Teraflex makes some pretty good gear at a reasonable price and they have been around awhile so a
lot of R&D and experience in the lifting game .
For a 3" lift . Your going to need adjustable upper & lower
control arms front & back. It's so you can centre axle in wheel well and to adjust pinion angle properly. The angle of the differentials pinion in relation to the driveshaft.. Meaning ideally you want a straight line following driveshaft straight threw to differential pinion.
It's so minimal stress is on the U joints and gives the smoothest ride.
The front can be fine tuned so you can find the proper balance between pinion & castor angle . Caster is the measure of how far forward or behind the steering axis is to the vertical axis, viewed from the side. This is measured by drawing a line between the top and bottom pivot points of the front upright. The angle between the drawn line and vertical is the caster angle.4 -4.5 degrees of castor is good .That is one of the huge benefits of going adjustable .As not every Jeep is the same .
You may be able to reuse your shocks . It all depends on the make .
Would they be proper length for a 3" lift ?
Springs come in different forms. Dual rate , single rate etc .
The Teraflex stuff is really good priced and haven't seen any complaints about their springs either .
Rather than messing around with Track Bar brackets and shit up front .Just go with adjustable Track Bar in stock location .
Generally guys will go with Track Bar bracket in the rear only .
You want your front Track Bar & Drag Link to be on the same angle . So before committing to a Drag Link flip would get it down to the 3" . Mounted and good to go . And than see how the geometry
looks as 3" is right on the line if a flip is necessary or not .
I would think stock pitman arm would suffice for 3" .
You have to remember , for sure want some ground clearance for wheeling . But you have to get to the trail first . Which means driving down the highway, sometimes for hours . So you want it safe and reliable at slower trail speeds and while your bombing down the highway .
Below is pic of my steering. You see how the track bar & drag link are pretty much at the same angle . That's what your shooting for .
Hope this helps
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