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This weekend i installed a set of nitro sleeves and the new purejeep front axle kit. Both pieces are supper nice quality and fit like a glove. For anyone looking or getting ready to install the nitro sleeves, throw them in your freezer the night before, buy the race bearing tool (harbor frieght $30), get that housing warm, not hot, pull a sleeve from the freezer, lick it for good luck, grease it up, and it will tap in nice and smooth, and by tap i mean sledge hammer.

The purejeep kit was awsome, everything fits so good, if you pull the axle it will make it 10,000 times easier, especially if you dont have a lift. I just ran a stich here a stich there trying to keep it as cool as possible and keeping it from wanting to pull the housing one way or the other. Same for the c gussets. in Originally i planned on getting something like the synergy or ore gussets, but the whole pj i think is really well priced, and there gussets are 3/4'' thick, and i think its safe to say they are not going anywhere. Tomorrow she is getting lathered up with por15 with the rest of the chassis. Should be a mess.

After installing these, i have confidence in the so called d44 holding up, i think my weak point now is the factory shafts, I'm leaning towards the rcv's, i think they will hold up the best in this sandy water pine needle muck we have here in jersey.

This is my first post here on JKO, I've been lurking for quite some time. I like it, a lot more do it yourselfers!
I am installing the backbone in a few weeks. No lift and not planning on pulling the axel out. Hopefully it will not be to bad. I already have the EVO viewers and lca skids. Slowly getting her ready for 35s and lift.

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