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Project Zombitch - Northern's '13 Build

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Always wanted a wrangler and when the opportunity came to get into one I jumped on it. Bought this black 2013 Sport 6-speed bottom of the line JK from the lot with only a few miles on her, with the intent of making it a moderate build to suit my needs.

RC 1.75" BB
31" Duratracs
OE Steelies painted Gunmetal
Chopped flares
SOLID D30 Cover hand painted green
Home fabbed front mid width bumper with stigner/shackle mounts/6" 100w lights
Home fabbed rear bumper
Home fabbed .188w sliders
Home fabbed windshield light mounts w/ 6" 100w lights
Home fabbed hood mounted Hi-Lift
Home fabbed quick disco's
Home fabbed auxiliary fuse box
Cobra CB w/ 4' Stainless whip
1500w Power Inverter in mini trunk
Smittybilt G.E.A.R. tailgate storage
Mesh grill mod
Silvania Silverstar XFE headlights (better, but still sh!tty)

Waiting in garage for install
Rock Krawler 2.5" Stock Mod w/ massive trackbar
Bilstein 5100's
Rock Krawler correction wedges and coil retainers
Teraflex rear end links
Teraflex grab handles
EVO MFG C-gussets
8' of L.E.D. strips to be used as rock lights
Back up lights for rear bumper
15x8" steelies
AEV geometry brackets

Next order
Teraflex exhaust spacers
35x12.5R15 GY MTR/K

Soon After
Adams driveshafts

Let the pics begin

So cute

As soon as it hit my driveway I got the urge to do some stuff to it. I wonder why?

Started off by painting the stock steelies Gunmetal and installing the Duratracs from my previous WJ. Decent DD setup. Alos made my own quick discos with clevis pins.

Built my Hi-Lift Hood Mount

Got tired of looking at it, being so small with such massive plastic pieces... so I busted out the sawsall (at about 3000km on the clock at this point)

Always good to have a shovel handy! This mod was more to try my first weld than anything really...

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I knew I had seen your Jeep somewhere. It was nice wheeling with you!
Can I get the location of Club info?
Petawawa Ont here.

I knew I had seen your Jeep somewhere. It was nice wheeling with you!
Ya man same here, nice rig you got! Couldnt hear you on the CB half the time lol

Can I get the location of Club info?
Petawawa Ont here.

Were on Facebook. Official Ottawa Jeep Club. This run wasnt a planned run just something I posted to see if people were interested and turned out to be a wicked day
Ya man same here, nice rig you got! Couldnt hear you on the CB half the time lol
Yeah, my antenna is ******.. Gotta replace it.. But you know, priorities :rolleyes:
Ok so its on your end. Thats the first time I used my setup so I figured I had f*cked up lol
Northern you're making me jealous...I'm stuck in NW Florida for the next 2 year until the military moves me again and I REALLY want to do some snow wheeling.
Not to rub it in but ya... snow wheeling is awesome! At least you dont have to deal with the super cold weather we're getting.

On a side note,
I really liked the rock lights I had on my WJ so I picked up 8' of LED strips that I'll mount for that. While I was in the lighting section I got some lights for the rear bumper. Which is done and mounted along with my new-to-me hitch btw, just havent had time to snap a pic. Depending when my EI checks start getting in since I'm doing another therm in school this might be the last thing I buy before going back to work. Which might be a good thing cause I'm undecided on how to go about the rest of my stuff for the lift. LCA's or Relo brackets, spacers or new rims.... then it's time to start thinking about driveshafts...
Selling the front bumper I have so I made another one. This time with fog mounts, gussets and a bull bar. I really need a winch...

Also got my new windsheild spot lights mounted. For 30$ a pair they're damn bright!

Once I get cash from the bumper I'm either doing RK front LCAs, 15" steelies or 16" alloys or get a warn VR8000 (if it goes on sale). I gotta get my suspension stuff all set up for a spring time install!
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Bumper is sold,just not the one I thought I was selling. He didn't like the fact it had no fog light mounts (even though the ad clearly showed it had none), so I showed him ^that^ one in the gas station parking lot. Next thing you know I'm ripping it off my Jeep to sell it to him haha!

Got home and started working on the other one to get some fog lights in there, drying from bedliner as I type this, then it goes back up for sale.

Also ordered some 15x8" steelies and AEV geometry brackets. Now all I need is some 35's and warm weather to install everything.
Not really an update, going snow wheeling this Sunday so stay tuned for pics!
What's the actual size of your duratracs? You said 31's but are they 265/75R16??

I like your build. I think a lot of guys forget what you can do with 31-33" tires and very little lift if any at all.
The Duratracs are 245/75/16, might even be 30" idk. Swapped em from my WJ when I traded it in. Havent got stuck with them yet *knock on wood*.
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