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Product Review - SpiderWebShadeBy Dennis "HITMONEY" Nash
Back in October I had a chance to meet Chris Plaisance from SpiderWebShade at Jeeptoberfest in Ocala Fl. Chris had Amanda install a JKini first on Jenna's Smurfette and then on Rubikong and told us to give him our thoughts on the product.

His product is unique in the fact that it is so simple yet so functional... Spiderwebshade virtually reinvented the Bikini Top for your Jeep. Unlike a conventional Bikini Top, the Spiderwebshade is made of a mesh material that allows just the right amount of both air and sunlight into your rig whereas a convention Bikini blocks everything.
The best part in my opinion is the fact that the Spiderwebshade JKini only needs to be installed once, there is no separate header bar. The JKini installs with "SpiderBalls", basically a looped bungee cord with a ball on the end that the bungee loops around your roll bar and then around the ball. This makes for an easy and quick installation and also allows installs on non-conventional setups like RubiKong which has an sPod and a custom Poly Performance roll cage.
The JKini went on without a hitch.
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The Jkini lives underneath your factory top very nicely and as an added bonus, the space in-between the two tops makes for a pretty cool storage space for soft items like hats and T-shirts.
It was a hot sunny day when we got our JKinis installed at Jeeptoberfest and instantly we could feel the difference. I could still see through the top which preserved the top down experience but it blocked more than enough sunshine so I wouldn't be turned into a french fry while cruising around all day with the top down. On the highway that evening back to the hotel I hit 80mph and there was minimal flapping. I was quite surprised as was Jenna. The JKini kept the wind buffeting down in the cab to a very noticeable degree without creating much of a flap of its own.
The next day we had planned to get a little wheeling in at Hardrock Off Road Park. We got up early to check out of the hotel and pack up the rigs for the day. We had left the tops down in the parking lot overnight and walking out that morning there was a layer of dew on the Jeeps but the JKini had kept that dew out of the cab on off the seats... another added plus!
It turned out to be another hot day, perfect for testing out the JKini but what we found out was that there are other reasons we love this product, especially Jenna! There are portions of Hardrock that are over grown, low hanging tree branches, and a thick tree canopy where a variety of spiders like to make intricate webs. I can tell you from previous wheeling trips there that often you get leaves, branches and yes, spiders all inside your rig. This is where the aptly named SpiderWebShade unknowingly became most handy. I would hear over the CB from Jenna, "I love this shade! Its keeping all the bugs off me!"
It was also keeping the mud that was flinging of my tires from falling back down on my head. I would say right about now "Another added plus!" but I think I have said it already.

The product delivered and my hats off to Chris for effectively re-inventing the wheel when it comes to Bikini Tops. Check out his products on the SpiderWebShade web site www.spiderwebshade.com as well as searching the many threads on JKO about this product.
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