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This trail has been reviewed by many but I figured why not throw my review out there as well.


So I went out on this trail with the Sin City Wranglers. This trail is Very Stock friendly although some will say not, but we had 4 stock vehicles in our group and they all did very will. Minor scraping and bumping with minimal spotting. Stock vehicles will need to stay on the main road of the trail. The bypasses on the trail or Wash is where the modified vehicles can venture. A stock vehicle will not be able to pass the washes even a stock Rubicon. Those area's in certain sections will be very challenging and in-passable for even mildly modified vehicles.

This is a great trail to hit up, we met at noon started the trail at 1230-1240ish and finished it up about 3:30ish. Staying on the main road part of the trail.

There are two ways to hit the trail. The free entrance way from lovell canyon from everytrail.com. Or the other entrance where you pay a small fee thru the scenic road and drive the the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and head down the "Rocky Gap Trail" Same road just different start different places.





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