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After speaking with Goat1 and Pig, I decided to try installing Poly Performance's drag link knuckle under. Using the instructions provided as a guide the install went relatively easy. I had to remove the tie rod from the passenger knuckle to allow room for the installation of the drag links tre knuckle under. The first snag, I encountered was when the castle nut was torqued the slot for the cotter pin and the drilled hole in the tre was off in the vertical plan. After scratching my head, measuring the thickness of the knuckles flanges where the drag link and tie rod attach and a call to Poly. I directed my attention to the castle nuts supplied with the tre's for the tie rod and drag link. The castle nuts supplied with my tie rod have a flat to flat measurement of 1 1/16" and the castle nut supplied for the drag link is 15/16". The cotter pins slots dimension "T" of the larger nut is .270" and the smaller nut is .330". This few thousandths of an inch was my problem. Using a die grinder and a cut-off wheel I removed the affected material from the slot that would be used. Dimension "H" is .552" is the same for castle nuts if any one cares.

My other snag, I encountered was my steering stabilizers old location. I had been using a steering dampener relocation kit similar to the one Poly sells. I had figured that its old location would not work and had a new bracket already fabricated.

My trip in the jeep to center the steering wheel went well and I do not expect any adverse handling issues since my drag link and track bar are still parallel.


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