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Poly Performance Upper Shock Bracket Question

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Those of you who are running the rear upper shock relocation bracket (http://www.polyperformance.com/shop...ar-Long-Travel-Upper-Shock-Mount-p-29226.html)

Have you noticed any change in ride quality etc... because the shocks now sit at a steeper angle?

I need to buy new rear shocks and was wondering if I should do this at the same time.
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I don't have any experience with that bracket, but here is my opinion.

When using that bracket you should also use the lower relocation bracket. That should put your shocks back into a relatively stock-oriented position, so your ride quality shouldn't be affected much. On top of that, if you will be ordering new shocks, you would be able to run a longer shock and get more use out of your suspension.
I already have lower shock relocation brackets installed when I did the Rock Krawler Long Arm.

Getting more travel is the game plan considering the current set up maxed out the shocks that I had.
Well, looking at the pictures again I'm starting to think that it would not put your shocks closer to the stock angle. So, consider my previous post useless. :cwm13:
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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