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Poly Performance Upper Shock Bracket Question

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Those of you who are running the rear upper shock relocation bracket (http://www.polyperformance.com/shop...ar-Long-Travel-Upper-Shock-Mount-p-29226.html)

Have you noticed any change in ride quality etc... because the shocks now sit at a steeper angle?

I need to buy new rear shocks and was wondering if I should do this at the same time.
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Got a new problem. Went to the Bilstein site to look at lengths for the 5160s. My old shocks had about 10" of travel. The only other size longer has ~11.3" of travel.

With these brackets the additional 2" of upper room is more than what I am gaining by going to the longer shocks not to mention the additional room of moving the shock back.

So now I need to choose a longer shock :suicide:
But you are doing the lowers too right? then you are netting more or am I confused.
So a basic rebuild is $75 per shock plus shipping. I have bent shafts so that is an additional $30 per shock.

The worst part is that they are on a ridiculous back log. I was told a minimum 4 week wait time.
Why not rebuild yourself. It is pretty easy to do. The only special tool you will need is to get the ISP out if needed and you can make it out of all thread. Just buy the rebuild kits. I do my own king shocks. They are all pretty much the same.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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