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The whole saga can be found here at http://pollardmotorssucks.com with photos.

44,408mi - March 17th, 2015

I write this on 10/21/2015

In March of 2015, at ~44k miles, the motor in my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport died. A rod started knocking on the way home from a weekend trip. I am the first and only owner of this vehicle, purchased new in November of 2009.

Unfortunately, the warranty for the power train is 5 years and had expired in November of 2014. Things happen. I put on my big boy pants, emptied my sons college fund, and spent $5250 forPollard Motors in Boulder, Colorado to replace the motor. I was sold a 3yr, 36k mi warranty with what I was told was a factory certified, rebuilt motor.

45,845mi - June 10th, 2015

I work from home. I don't drive my Jeep much. Almost immediately, I noticed a puddle of oil dripping from under the Jeep that was not there before the motor blew. After calling Pollard Motors service department and speaking to Mike, I'm told 'Oh, well you see we are really busy and booked well into the next month'. Cool. I'll wait. I dropped my vehicle off on 7/17/2015 and was told it was a timing cover issue but no worries, because it's under warranty! Hey, I get it. Things happen! Here is the invoice indicating everything was covered under warranty! Phew.

46,590mi - August 28th, 2015

I noticed some random fluid leaks from time to time. I was planning a family road trip so I stopped by Pollard for them to check it out. Mike, once again said 'We are booking in October the earliest now!' (this was in August). Well, I figured I'd get an oil change and have SOMEONE look at it to make sure everything was good for the road trip. I was told they couldn't see anything significant to worry about, oil change, coolant filled, I should be good to go!

I wasn't. On August 28th, 375mi later, 2557mi since March 17th, the motor replacement, the motor fails again. First few hours of the road trip, leaving me stranded on the side of the road for hours with a 1yr old.

AAA towed it to the nearest dealer in Lander, WY (Fremont Motors). I continued on with my road trip, in a rented vehicle.

Well, because of communication issues, warranty, issues, sourcing motor issues, my Jeep has been at the dealer. From August 28th, until now, October 21.

Here is what I'm being told by Fremont Motors in Lander Wyoming.

First, here are some voicemails where they have trouble with Pollard:




According to Eric Cooper, at Fremont motors in Lander, Wyoming (307-332-8336 - [email protected]…) they are going through aermanufacturing.com I'm not sure why they are going through another re-manufacturer's warranty when the warranty was supposed to be Mopar.

These are the numbers Fremont Motors gave me:

Total is $2766.10
Total parts $880.55
Labor $1728.88
EGR valve. $198. new belt...etc. etc..
Intake $401.50 (I find it hard to believe the intake warped in the less than 2k miles of easy around town driving....and who's to say this lemon replacement motor didn't cause it if it did?)

(these numbers are me jotting them down over the phone as no one has sent me any paperwork yet)

What they want out of MY pocket - $1966.10. They are saying the warranty only covers $50/hr labor and no other parts.

I have some questions:

Why was the paperwork I was handed, and warranty I was told, a Mopar warranty, which covers labor, and not just $50/hr of it (I mean, Pollards labor is more than $50/hr and my timing cover was covered 100%)
I understand rental car costs and any other incidental costs are not covered under the warranty, but 2 months?
Who's to say the lemon replacement motor that died in less than 2k mi motors didn't damage the intake?
Pollard didn't notice any other issues with any other parts a mere 2k earlier, maybe their motor swap damaged those parts?
I've been trying to get Pollard Motors to answer these questions. I've left numerous messages (4 total) over the past month and each time I'm told the warranty guy is in a meeting, or in training (goes back and forth).

I decided to post to social media on 10/13. Blake responded via twitter.

I responded. Mike S. Calls me and asks me to email him. I did.

No response a few days later.

No response a WEEK later...another email... a RESPONSE! However, it's now past first thing in the morning (it's 3pm) and no one has gotten back to me.

I wonder if I emailed sales and asked for a response how quickly they would respond! (you already know the answer to that)

So, the other day Mike Strong calls me and after saying "Everything should be covered 100%" to me on the phone just a few days prior...he says "oh, the reason they are only paying 50$ is because we are a H&H partner and that's what WE bill them for labor, you needed to take it to an H&H partner.


What's next? Do I have to stand on 30th/Pearl with a banner?

btw - my Jeep is STILL at the dealer in Lander. Fixed. but I can't pick it up because no one has remitted payment to them yet.

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Obviously the replacement engine wasn't Mopar, thus not 100% factory warrantied. Might take this to an attorney.

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