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This writeup is for a 4 door Jeep JK. 2 door installs are different, as they have to drill additional holes in the pinch weld flange.

I bought these from Rebel Off Road (link in my signature). and received AWESOME customer service. and am a life time customer. Thanks Bond and Jason!

Step 1. Get everything laid out in an open area. and make sure you have all the thousands of bolts and nuts and washers they send you. You will need a size 5/32" allen and a 11mm wrench and socket. Use the 11mm wrench and allen to remove all the bolts holding the center of the rocker knocker to the tube of the knocker.

Step 2. Get a 1/4" drill bit and check to make sure that all the 6 holes (2 sets of 3) are all large enough on the pinch weld flange. be careful as not to bend the side body, as it is thin.

Step 3. Once the pinch weld holes are widened. you can put in the rocker knocker (it is easier to have 2 people for this, 1 to hold the rocker once its up there. and then 1 to draw the holes) the bottom of the rocker has spots where the bolts will go. take a sharpie and color in the holes (while partner is holding the rocker) to find the holes where to drill.

Step 4. Once you have the holes all lined up. and you have drilled them out. you can Paint. I used a gloss enamel as the final coat. and an automotive primer (meant for metal). It helps to sand down the rails a little with a 140grit sand paper or some steel wool, so the paint sticks better.

Be sure to apply plenty of coats of primer and paint, and apply evenly.

Step 5. place the metal C clips in the squares on bottom of body. align the drilled hole with the hole in the clip. there are "skinny" clips and "fat" clips. you will notice that some of the square holes are big and some are skinny. the skinny clips will go with the skinny square holes. and so on. all they do is snap in. with the flat edge facing down.

Step 6. Place the rocker knockers back on the Jeep through the pinch weld flanges. (i would suggest putting the insert piece on BEFORE doing this, as it is a PITA to get on after)

Step 7. Tighten the 6 pinch seam bolts. but not all the way, just enough to safely hold the rocker knocker. 1/2" wrench is needed. (yes i realize my bottom isnt completely painted, that is because i bedlined it afterwards to better protect from rocks)

Step 8. lightly screw in the 8 silver bolts with an allen wrench. you may need to get a screwdriver and jiggle around the metal C Clamps you placed in before, as they tend to not be in the correct place. (yes i realize my bottom isnt completely painted, that is because i bedlined it afterwards to better protect from rocks)

Now if you were like me, and you noticed some spots that were missed with paint, AFTER you installed it, i just threw a tarp over the jeep. and touched up the missed spots.

Step 9. Once you have all the screws lightly tightened in. go ahead and tighten them, but be careful not to strip the bolts.

Step 10. Repeat all previous steps, on the other side.

The finished product.


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Now that's a sweet looking rig:beer:
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