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Please pass on to as many people/websites as possible!

Contact: Kurt Schneider
Tel. 925-596-0432
E-mail: [email protected]

El Dorado County: December 3rd, 2007

Friends of Eldorado Inaugural Success
Forest users pitch in to help the Forest Service staff maintain Eldorado National Forest

Nearly 100 volunteers comprised of OHV and forest recreationists traveled a more than a combined total 13,000 miles to spend a day of their weekend maintaining Eldorado National Forest in California. The Friends of Eldorado volunteers logged more than 800 volunteer work-hours into their forest. With strong cooperation from the USFS, this group of volunteers and USFS professionals spent a full day clearing and chipping 4 total miles of roadside brush, cleaning up abandoned automobiles, and removing appliances and scrap.

This was more than just a light pick-up – winches and heavy trailers were required to load and haul off illegally dumped household garbage, furniture and construction debris. Volunteers removed just under an estimated 2 tons of illegally dumped material.

Duane A. Nelson, the Placerville District Ranger who was on site had this to say about the Friends of Eldorado first work party:

"This was one of the largest and best organized one-day volunteer efforts ever pulled off on the Eldorado National Forest. I'm very impressed with the commitment of the individual volunteers and the "Friends" leadership to pull off not only a well attended, but also very effective work day. The logistics were impeccably handled and we got a tremendous amount of work done. You folks really know how to deliver!"

While the volunteers were comprised of mainly OHV users, many different groups, clubs and organizations were involved in the work party and in supporting the effort. Cameron Park Crawlers, E Clampus Vitus, Four Dice 4x4, Kyburz Krawlerz, Motherload Rock Crawlers, The Rock Zombies, The Rubicon Rockheads, Friends of the Rubicon, SN4x4, Santa Cruz Four Wheel Drive Club, and URJB were some of the larger groups that appeared in force to support the Friends of Eldorado National Forest Organization. The organization has also received support and donations from: 4X4 Ventures Inc, Blue Ribbon Coalition, CAL4Wheel, CRAWL Magazine, Pirate4x4.com, Squeelers Meat, The Rubicon Trail Foundation and the USFS.

It is important to note that this area and the route maintained by the Friends of Eldorado is not an area of the forest that the OHV community normally frequents. These volunteers have shown that they care about the entire forest and all the roads and trails within it, not just the ones they use. By maintaining this area and this route, The Friends of Eldorado National Forest are insuring continued access via motorized vehicles for all types of people to recreate in the forest responsibly, including campers, fisherman, hikers, horseback riders, hunters, bird watchers, miners and the like.

The Friends of Eldorado National Forest (FOE) is committed to maintaining and improving the relationship between forest users and forest managers, and helping to maintain and retain access to our Forest. The mission of FOE is to not only maintain trails, campsites and the like, but to educate forest users in responsible use and help support other organizations in their conservation efforts.

More information is available at www.friendsofeldorado.com or www.myspace.com/friendsofeldorado.

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If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kurt Schneider, Please call 925-596-0432 or e-mail Kurt at [email protected]

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Hello Kurt.

This is great to read and see people doing. Just thought i'd share with you a very similar thing that I and fellow member Monty just did this past Sunday. We went and helped out in the Greenhorn Trail Clean-up campaign which was a great success. All told, there were over 100 volunteers that day from the looks of things.

It's truly good to see there are people out there that care enough about our trails and land to give up a little bit of their free time for to make sure we all have areas of use now and in the future.

Cheers! :beer:
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