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Please rate this bumper.

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Hello everybody Im doing some research. A friend of mine has reciently lost his job. He has great fab and welding skills and has made a few custom bumpers. I need your opion if these are good enough to make a living at. I am doing this on his behalf since he is new to computers. Here are some example pics.

Thanks Ken
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Lines look decent, I'd recomend getting Winch to sink in lower if there is no obstruction with the factory frame. The guy's in the heat belt will not like the winch blocking so much of the grill.

The side bars are not proportionate and the paint is nt appealling for show. I realize it is not intended for show.

I'd recommend adding a little more height and seeing if he can add room for some fog lights that part of the bumper. I'm not sure if this is feasible for the model shown or common for this jeep.

I'm assuming the thickness is 1/4" steel but like TEEJ stated more specs on the bar and how it installs is critical. Need to believe the tow points are secured to something like the frame.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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