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Please rate this bumper.

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Hello everybody Im doing some research. A friend of mine has reciently lost his job. He has great fab and welding skills and has made a few custom bumpers. I need your opion if these are good enough to make a living at. I am doing this on his behalf since he is new to computers. Here are some example pics.

Thanks Ken
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The bumper is really nice. Reminds me of the M.O.R.E. XJ bumper but just with a winch bar. The only problem with XJ owners is they have pretty shallow pockets. Not all, but seems like most do. I just wonder how much buisness there would be for a guy who relies mostly on the sales of that bumper. I think people out there would buy them, just maybe not enough to do as your only source of income, at least at first.

IONe question though. How are the shackle tabs mounted? I know one thing the XJ guys look for is they like to see the tab be an extension of the mounting bracket. BAsically so the bracket mountet on the unibody goes through the face of the bumper and has the hole for the shackle, no way to pull it out.

The other thing I know they look for is how many bolts are going through the unibody. HArd to tell but it looks freom the pictures like it only uses the two factory holes. I think he may find a couple more interested parties if it went back a little farther. XJ owners are not afraid to drill holes in thier rig. If it provided another two or three spots to drill bolts through for mounting that would help. The best though would be if it extended back far enough to cover the steering box bolts so it would be also acting as a steering box brace. On those old unibodies a lot of XJ guys have issues with the unibody metal breaking around the steering box from all the back and forth tourque

Anywaqy, sorry I wrote a book, just wanted to answer the question you posed...
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