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Just thought I'd strike up a dialogue with the Idaho crew. I am "retiring" from the Navy next year and instead of waiting a few years, the wife and I are really serious about moving over there next year. If it goes to plan, we will be settling in the Coeur d' Alene/Hayden area. I've served 19 years in the Navy, married with 5 children living at home.

Don't know how to describe it but the air seems fresher, the people nicer and even though I've only been there three times in the last 14 years when I am in that area I feel like I'm at home.

Looking for information on job opportunities. I can find the obvious stuff through search engines, but there are a ton of companies, etc... I probably don't even know about.

FWIW I am more than willing to commute a bit as necessary and am already looking in the Spokane area.

My background is electronic system maintenance, but I also have a substantial amount of leadership experience with small teams. The job I do doesn't even have to be related to electronics, I am more than capable of trying just about anything.

Any insight on job opportunities, with a salary in the 40K plus range would be greatly appreciated.
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