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When I was new to off-roading I spent a lot of time researching places to wheel. The best way I found places to wheel was hooking up with a local Jeep Club. (Not everyone likes to do that.) I thought I would share the trails I know of in Virginia. Hopefully, others who have wheeled trails in Virginia can share as well. These would be legal places to wheel.

Peters Mill Run - Jeep Badge of Honor Trail / Taskers Gap OHV Trail System

George Washington & Jefferson National Forests - Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap OHV System (usda.gov)

You need to purchase a permit (at the time I ran the trail it was $5) to run this trail. Permits for use of the Peters Mill Run/Taskers Gap OHV Trail System are available for purchase only at the following locations: 7-11 Inc. Store 28429, 340 W Reservoir Rd, Woodstock, VA 22664. (540)459-4800, Hours: Open 24 hours, Big Apple Exxon, 403 N. Main Street, Edinburg, VA 22824. (540) 984-3862 Hours: MON-SAT 4:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Sun 6:30 am -10 p.m.

When I first heard Jeep added a new trail in Virginia to the Badge of Honor App Trail list, I began planning my first Jeep Momma Trail Ride. We were going to wheel to Flagpole knob (great views of VA & West VA at the top) then hit Peters Mill Run then Taskers Gap. My first Jeep Momma Trail Ride was a lesson in flexibility!

Flagpole Knob | Virginia DWR

Flagpole is about 40 minutes south of Peters Mill Run just outside of Harrisonburg. The trail is in the George Washington National Forest. I am told has a spectacular view of Virginia and West Virginia when you reach the top. There is a spot at the top for dispersed camping as well.

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Sadly, I never got the chance to see the view. (This is where the flexibility came in) We headed up the mountain. Along the way one of the Jeeps had mechanical issues. We tried our best to get him back up to speed, but no such luck. One of "rules" of off-roading is never wheel alone, so one of the Jeepers in our group escorted him back down the mountain. Then we headed back up to the top. Unfortunately, another wrench was thrown into our plans. There was a controlled burn going on by the forestry department right in the middle of the trail. We did not find this out until we reached the "roadblock" about 30 minutes into the trail.

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While regrouping and coming up with a new plan, two Jeepers came to the same roadblock. We invited them to join us as we headed to Peters Mill Run. We stopped to purchase our permits and decided it was time to have lunch. I made Jeep Momma Sammies for everyone. I cooked the JM Sammies on my engine manifold.
Originally the plan was to eat at the top of the Flagpole trail and take in the spectacular view, but we adapted.
Lunch was on me for this trail ride. I was testing out cooking in the engine. At the start of the trail, we placed the sammie in between the intake manifold & battery. After cooking for a little over four hours we opened up the ham and cheese sammie. I was pleasantly surprised as it turned out very yummy.

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Now it was time to go earn our badge on Peters Mill Run, then off to Taskers Gap, another trail, to end day. Peters Mill Run is an old mining road on Powell Mountain. It's a very bumpy trail winding around the mountain. Not necessary for 4Lo. However, airing down will make for a less bumpy ride.

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Once again, our plans were thwarted. As we were nearing the end of Peters Mill Run, we came across one lone Gecko stuck in the mud. (A Gecko colored Jeep) Of course, as Jeepers we would never leave a man behind. So, we broke out the recovery gear and winched out the Gecko. He was really bogged down in the mud, and it took us quite a while to pull him out.

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Having to recover the other Jeeper meant it was too late to hit the last trail. But we made the best of it and checked out the Woodstock fire tower. Being deathly afraid of heights, I only made it up one flight of the stairs before I had to come down.

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This day needed quite a bit of flexibility. Being a Jeep owner who loves the adventure and off roading you learn quickly it's not always about the destination by the journey.

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The Cove (Campground) outside Gore, VA in the Appalachian Mountains. The Cove Campground

This is private land and usually to wheel on this property you have to attend a Big Dogs Off Road Event.

Big Dogs Family Offroad (bigdogsoffroad.com)

This place rates their trails of all levels from one to ten. NOTE: some places rate trails one to five, some use colors like green, blue, purple, red and black and others us names like black diamond. So, before you hit the trails make sure you know what each level means for your style of wheeling and your Jeep.

The scenery is beautiful, and the trails are amazing and super fun. A lot of up and down the mountain sides in a rocky wooded forest.

In the early part of 2019, I wheeled the level 5 trails just to get my feet wet to see what the trails were like. There were some intense moments on some difficult obstacles, but I powered through. At the time, I was pretty sure I would be able to wheel 6's and 7's. This place was also the first place I got to wheel at night. I was sporting the Lux Lighting rock lights. These were heavy duty magnet lights. (I later spliced a cable on the Rubicon trail. The lights stayed in place perfectly).

They also have a section called the mud pits. I am not a "get my Jeep muddy" type of gal (though I don't mind getting myself muddy - a post maybe for chit chat one day)

FYI... All my wheeling adventures have YouTube videos. Of course, like any Jeeper / off roader knows the video never does the trail level justice.

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Thanks for the information on the trails. I agree with the find a local Jeep club to find local trails. I came from the side by side community over to Jeeps giving me some trail locations in different states. One trail I took the Jeep this fall in Virginia was Jawbone Trail in Richland Virginia. This trail is part of the Spearhead group of trails with this one being open for Jeeps. Trails were nice with a mix of green, blue and black ratings. There were some great lookout points also. Just figured I would throw this one out there for people who are coming through Virginia.
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