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Pitbulls Rockers on JK

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What do you think about running pitbull Rockers ( 37/12.50R17 ) on JK axles. Do think these tires are to heavy at 90lbs each for my axles.
Thanks for any info.
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Youre the best one to answer that with the info u posted. Don't know if you have 44's, if youve beefed them up, what you use your rig for, etc. That being said, those are heavy tires. I'd skip em & my 44's have sleeves, gussets & chromo axleshafts. 1310 DS. It sees a lot of rocks, mtn & desert. I thought the toyo/nitro were a heavy tire, IIRC they're 83 lbs each.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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