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Pics and Video from El Dorado

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Well El Dorado Canyon was a blast. The 2 JK's did pretty good considering we are stock height and the trail had deteriorated since the last time I was there. We spent a lot of time in the creek bed as the road was all but gone in many places.

I buggered up my plastic bumper and Living Still got some undercarriage beauty marks and broke his steering stabilizer.

Considering Living Still is pretty new at all this he did really good.

Here are some vids Debbie shot.

I'll edit and add more as I get them uploaded. I post pics later.









Not a lot of me. I really need to talk to that camera person.

Well that's what I have.
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Time to replace the bumper now eh Michael :D ? Great footage and thanks for posting some clips up! I'll have to work on trying to place the diff AROUND the rock and not on top of it tehehe.

-Living Still
Yep! Now to harass Jim at Shrockworks for my stubby.

Now to work on those fenders. :D
How's the oil pan holding up? Did Dad have a look see?

I'll burn a full length DVD later then you can pick it up.
He saw it and more than anything was in amazement that it did not have a factory/stock skid over it. Thank god for the gas tank skid though. Mine is pretty beat up. Hopefully some after market replacement products will come out.
Had another little thing to throw into the carnage report... Broken valve stem :eek:
Hey Michael give me a call at the shop, I would love to have the chance to build some fenders and doors for your rig


Thanks, Mike

And i tried to send you a PM but it said you don't take PMs:confused:
I wish i could of made it out there with you guys, i was working on my junk getting ready for a race:rolleyes:

And i need to make some time to put my gears and lockers in the JK
You would have had a blast! Much better than wrenching. ;)

I really like the idea of getting a couple of JK runs going. I know that if I can help set up a Moab event for Isuzu's where we become the 3rd largest organized event in Moab surely we can do the same for JK's.
Nice pics and Vids, I really wish I could have made it but had to work all weekend, any plans on the next run?
No plans just yet. It seems a lot of people are planning on the Hills Angels run on the Hunter Lake Trail on the 28th. I may make this scenic run but I am focusing on getting ready for Moab in May and have some modifications to yet complete.
El Dorado is a fun trail, first time I went: was 8 months pregnant, middle of summer, flip flops and tank top and low and behold El Dorado had atleast 2 feet of snow.....
Great pics and clips by the way. ;)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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