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Paria Closure Protest Ride - 5/9/09 @ 9am

The BLM is beginning the closure of the roads on the
Grand Escalante Monument.
The plan is to meet at the old Stampin' Up
building by Johnson Canyon
at 9:00 am and drive out from there. You can also
meet at the turn off on Hwy 89 to the town site.
Bring your 4x4, Jeeps, 4 wheelers, and Rhinos ready to ride
the Paria Canyon Road.

The BLM intends to enforce the closure of the Paria River Road
(one of the oldest public highways in Kane County)
few days. The road is being closed due to environmental
organizations filing a petition to close the road because it is
closed in the monument plan. Please make an effort to be included
in the Paria Closure Protest Ride as we are stronger in unison.

Please bring lots of signs, water, lunch, and video cameras.

A petition is also being circulated. For more info regarding the
petition or the ride please contact Shawna Cox, (435) 899-0300

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