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Here is an awesome little drive right above Santa Barbara. Its a 10 mile one way drive on paved and graded dirt rd. It's 0-1 on the difficult factor.... The views are to die for and at the end is Hot Tubs and great hiking. A few campgrounds are located here as well...

GPS coordinates for Painted Rd. Trail head:
34* 29 28.800 N
119* 47 40.200 W

The hot tub coordinates are
34* 32 21.000 N
119* 33 49.800 W

The is a cave that has some native american paintings inside. Pretty cool!

Here is a GeoCache I found! If you haven't tried GeoCaching then you should! It can be great fun!

Hot Tubs are HOT!!! But nice with a cold :beer:

Great trail!! Don't forget !! :beer:

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Hey! what are you doin way over there! I need trail partners on this side of the hills!!

In somw way, I didn't think I would say this already but I miss being able to see the ocean. Looks like it was a refreshing drive!

Nice meeting you while you were out here by the way :beer:
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