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Paint peeling off hood & windshield hinges

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I have noticed the paint peeling off my 2016’s windshield hinge and one of the hood hinges. Has anyone else run into this?
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did you remove the hood or did PO?

regardless, this is a job for a Jeep auto enamel paint pen in blanco code. Or you can pay somebody a fortune for something no one but you will notice to be bodyshop painted .
Hood has never been removed. I purchased it new in 2016.
Very common. You would be more appalled at the rust hiding underneath them. Also very common.

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The hinges are made of aluminum, and the (JK) hood and doors are steel*. The raw parts were assembled at the factory and then run through painting, so there are two dissimilar metals in contact with one-another which causes a galvanic corrosion, resulting in paint failure. This was a horrible engineering failure by Jeep, and the company should have been forced to admit responsibly for this failure and the repairs. (Their Warranty covers only "rust-through", i.e., holes.) Some Industrial Engineer at Jeep probably got a huge bonus and award for the idea to paint multiple parts at once, despite the outcome.
* - The sheet metal was changed to aluminum on the JL/JT.
In early models (like my '08) that was the case, but I believe they started putting a rubber gasket between the hinge & door panels later. That doesn't look like it's caused by the Al corroding, though, no obvious blistering. (Can't find the pics of how mine went, at the moment.) But that could be due to there not being as much as I'm used to seeing because of the rubber.

I used a Dremel wire wheel & stripped all the paint & corrosion off, then primed & repainted the hinges and the door panels where the hinges mount. Used some Duplicolor Bedliner on them, so they have a 'rubber' layer between the dissimilar metals. (And used some SS fasteners.) I also installed the Delrin sleeves from Quadratec instead of the metal ones for the hinge pins to sit in.

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The 'brown' colour on the door panel behind the hinge is the flat black rattle can over the zinc primer I used on the door panel to seal it completely.
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So far, I have repaired only the upper door hinges on my 2015 JKU. There was absolutely no kind of isolator between any of the hinges and the door sheet metal - just an amazing amount of rust, as was blistering from the hinges.
It's caused by poor surface prep. before painting.
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