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Went ahead and installed my Painless wire 7 fuse power center under the driverside dash. Pulled this from my 03 Rubicon so all I had to do was fabricate a small bracket. Used a sheet of thick steel and a piece of C channel.

Made the sheet oversized just in case I decide to add a couple of relays.

Here is the back side.

The C channel gives me clearance for the nut that secures the bolt in place. This makes it so I do not need to put two wrenches underneth the dash to take it out. I notched the C channel to fit over the ridges where it will be mounted. From past experience this bracket needs to be mounted securely while still being easy to take in and out.

Simple install the bracket and secure the one nut using one ratcheting 7/16 wrench.

Wiring the 7 fuses. One positive wire goes to the battery positive terminal. One of the bolt holes on the plastic case has a negative ground wire. I extended a second wire to the above bolt(center). Also you will need to give what ever you are powering up a ground(negative) wire. I simple took four 16 gauge wires approxiametly 16" long and wrapped them in one plastic sleeve. This was attached to the same bolt. Now all I have to do is quickly connect the ground wire to these easily accessible wires. I left the wires long so I can pull the whole panel down to work on it if necessary.

Now 4 of these fuses are ignition hot. So with Jeeps new CAN-BUS it is a little difficult to find an ignition hot wire. The only one I know of is the 12 volt power in the dash(left side of gear shift). Take the wire from the Painless box(very well marked) and run it under the steering column and using a coat hanger pull it up behind the 12 volt power source.

Now connect the ignition hot to the blue/pink wire using a scotch lock.

I am now ready to install my CB, 2M, flashlight, etc.
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