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Oops - Flenderless

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As you may have read I had some issues with my 35" wheels rubbing on my front flenders. Yes, flenders. This was a result of having to run wheel spacers with the new wheels because of rubbing on the disk brake caliper. Well that and the fact that the lift flexes enough to allow the wheels to get into the flenders. So today I took the flenders off.

Now I can see what I've got and make some plans for a fix. I have a temporary solution in mind and the long term is tube fenders. But if my short term fix doesn't work out, I will implement the long term much more quickly. Time to warm up the sawzall. ;)

I am growning very fond of this flenderless look.
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Here are some pics from this last weekend. You can see where the tire is in the fender. With just a little flex on a little rock. The lift is the Nth Degree Mobility 4" lift. I have about 36" of articulation on each wheel. Without the spacers the 35's fit inside of the flenders but just.

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