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wasnt sure what forum to put this under...here ya go!!

Special Needs 4x4 adventure!
October 11th (Saturday)
Zanesville, Ohio
Location: Painted Rock Offroad Park
9701 Township Hwy 57.Mt Perry OH 43760 (off Rt 22 north of Somerset)

Trail-riding and mud-running

Open to all individuals physically and mentally handicapped (Mrdd) and all individuals wanting to volunteer their time and 4x4 vehicles for a fun filled family friendly day of 4x4 offloading and mud running.

We are in need of interested individuals to come experience our hobby and pastime, our group size is limited to 24 RSVP’d individuals. Also needed are individuals interested in donating themselves and/or their 4x4 vehicles for a day of offroading with our special group of guests and their companions for the day.

Individuals can either ride along on the several 4x4 trails that are cut throughout the parkland or watch the mud fly at the mud pit located next to the parking/camping area.

Painted Rock OHV Park has graciously donated free passes for the day to any offroaders and individuals that volunteer their time and vehicles for the day.

Free Camping is available Friday and Saturday night.

Tony Merriman
740-605-3150 Cell (anytime)
[email protected]

Donations from:
Painted Rock Offroad Park
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Cowboys Mudrun
Perry County Mudders
Merriman Family
Yost Family
Chambers Family
Woodruff Family
Cambell Family Motorsports WEROCK team 711 “MAJOR ROCK”

(no atv/rhino/quads)

I've had MY JK out on these trails...some trail rash is possible..but mine did just fine on stock street tires ( I usually drive the camo thing in the picture..so it was hard to not go full awn the entire time..:grinpimp: ) and I came out with some mud but no scratches/dents!!


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