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I just wanted to let you all know that over at ocean shores they are having the
Sand Sculptors and Chainsaw Festival. JUNE 25-27 ,10 i and a few others had a great time last year. we pulled out 54 rigs last year that got stuck in the sand bars.
this is open to every one

if any one wants to we can setup a place out on the beach and do a meet and greet.
I will have my cb on and be on channel 6

Here is some ideal equipment to bring:
Recovery gear (we've been asked to help pull out a number of vehicles in the past. Karma bank get full fast)
Flash light for night
First Aid kit

Things you should bring:
Extra Warm clothes
Food & Refreshment
Beach toys (kites, bucket & shovel, Frisbee, etc.)
Camping Chairs

Master woodcarvers from all over the world come to compete in this 3-day competition. Auctions held daily. On Saturday, visit the beach where artists compete for the best sand sculpture. Families & kids welcome to enter the competition. Free sand-sculpting lessons on Friday.

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I have that weekend as a long weekend off of work for State Dart Tournament in Shelton....I'm probably only going to be in Shelton for 1-day...

I might have to do this if I don't go to NW-Fest at Naches:grinpimp:
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