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Fun Run to the Beach!
Jeepers go Topless!

Hello everyone-

We will be doing a relaxed run to Ocean Shores for a fun time on the beach, kite flying, BBQing, relaxing, meeting others, etc. We have invited the Toyota FJ clubs and now this run has opened to all, just not Jeepers but, I think majority will be Jeepers. During this time this is what’s going on:

"The Five Star Dealerships Sand & Sawdust Festival" http://www.oceanshoresact.com/events.html#sand

A few of us will be setting up some popup tents, tarps and tables also a few small camping grills for people to use. Bring your own lunch also dinner for those staying all night.

Here is some ideal equipment to bring:
Recovery gear (we've been asked to help pull out a number of vehicles in the past. Karma bank get full fast)
Flash light for night
First Aid kit

Things you should bring:
Extra Warm clothes
Food & Refreshment
Beach toys (kites, bucket & shovel, Frisbee, etc.)
Camping Chairs

The plan is to meet at Tacoma Mall parking lot (I think it’s Sears?) the parking lot that is closes to I-5 @ 7:00am and hopefully the caravan will leave by 7:30am. Once we get to Ocean Shores we will find a place to set up the tents, tables, camping grills, etc. and then everyone go have fun on the beach. *Check the website for times for “The Five Star Dealerships Sand & Sawdust Festival". If everything goes as planned, at dusk we will have a bonfire.

*Those who decide to drive down on their own and not with the caravan to meet up later. We will be setting up on the beach between the beach entrance by the McDonalds and the beach entrance by the I think it’s the Motel 6, if it's not the Motel 6 there’s a Motel or Hotel on your left just before you get on the beach.

Date: June 28th
Time: 7am meeting time and caravan leave to Ocean around 730am
Meeting Place: Tacoma Mall (Sears’s parking lot?) parking lot closes to I-5

Hope to see ya out there

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I thought it said 09... bummer. Well I'll still be heading down for the weekend if it isn't raining too much. The Five Star Dealerships Sand & Sawdust Festival is scheduled for that weekend too so that should be fun to see. It would be cool to see some other JKOwners down there too.
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