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I visited my JK today at Nth. It was nice to see it half growed up. Even with it still on the hoist I was already more than half happy. The other half is coming.

The back half is nearing completion and the front is feeling a little inadequate. :D

Ok I know you don't want to hear me doing a bunch of rambling but instead want to see some pictures so here they are.

Now that's some added diff protection!

There is room for my 35's for sure! The lift is called 4+ or a 4.5" but it isn't exactly the same front to back. This is to level the ride out and I've heard it as 4+ so I'm running with that name until I hear differently.

Here are some notables from my visit today.

1) Up front the drag link is moved from the lower portion of the upper spindle arm to the top. This gives you a suito hi-steer or a partial hi-steer. I also confirmed that this will be a shade tree doable relocation.

2) More products will be coming down the pike from Nth and this includes some protection products.

3) The Lube Locker should fit the JK D44 with no problem. I'll confirm this in about a week when I change out my diff covers. We set a Lube Locker on the cover and the bolts appear to match up. Whew, at least DC didn't change the outside of the D44.

There is something HUGE missing from my JK to just about everyone else's. Can you spot what is missing? It's a clearance issue and about 4".

This lift should be available as a kit later this year. As you can see it is in final stages of prototyping and refinement before production begins but I think it is looking really good this far. If you want to contact Nth the contact information is below.

Nth Degree Mobility
Nth Degree Mobility is located at:
44 Miles Rd.
Mound House, NV 89706

phone: 775-885-8454
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