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Well it's true. I finally picked up my Nth Degree Mobility lifted JK today. I have only one thing to say.


Can someone please get the grin off my face. The muscles are starting to get sore.

Pleased doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

Ok, Ok here is a pic for you.

This is with the 35" BFG MT on Cragar black steelies 17x8 sitting on the Nth Degree Mobility 4+ lift.

Jim at Nth took me for a test drive in my JK and I have to say I was apprehensive with the aggressiveness of his driving but the JK just kept taking it and stuck to the road and the dirt like glue. It wasn't too long before I was getting really comfortable with his "test drive". When I finally got a chance to drive I was really impressed. It handles MUCH (not a little) MUCH better than stock. I feel as though I really have control over a vehicle that is in control. I took a couple of empty street corners at a higher rate of speed than I ever did at stock height and th JK just said id that all you've got. Jim in the test drive did a "J" stop similar to a panic stop with a turn that most people would do in an emergency situation so I had to test that one out for myself. Darn nice and in control without roll out as you would expect. I still have to do the 4 wheel smoking donut that Jim did but I have no doubt it felt as nice and in control as everything else has so far.

I haven't been off road as I have only now arrived home after picking it up at Nth but the on road handling is worth it alone even if I didn't get a lift.

But I did. I got 4" of lift. Enough to fit 35's. Yep that's right I said a 4" lift that will only fit 35" tires. Now I'm with you, I figured Nth was being conservative with the tire size and I saved a little stack of pennies for some 37's if I felt they were too conservative. Well they are not. In fact even with 35's I need to do some minor trimming to ensure I don't rip the fenders off or slice a tire. I know you are probably thinking I'm just being too conservative too. Well let me show you.

That's 35" of articulation from the ground to the bottom of the lifted tire, measured in the middle of the tread.

And the rear measures the same.

So yes indeed this 4" lift will only accomodate 35" tires.

Here is some more eye candy for you to enjoy.

So yes, I am very pleased with my lift choice. Now where are some trails.

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There i went looking for a release update and found this. I must be out of it....

September 21, 2007 -

Email: [email protected]

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) to Pick Up Significant Amount of Product Line from Recently Closed Nth Degree Mobility

Missoula, Montana, Sept. 19, 2007 - Missoula-based American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), long a favorite supplier of aftermarket parts to the Jeep off-road community, will soon be adding the highly-regarded Nth Degree Mobility suspension lift kits to its expanding product line.

Off-road enthusiasts have bemoaned the recent closing of Nevada-based Nth Degree Mobility, provider of innovative and expertly engineered long-arm and short-arm suspension lift kits, among other products. Now AEV announces it will pick up a “significant” portion of Nth Degree’s inventory and product line, with plans to continue manufacturing and distributing those products “in the near future.”

AEV asks for patience as it moves over inventory and equipment, but promises the same commitment to quality and innovation that Nicole and Jim Frens provided Nth Degree Mobility customers for years.

“It’s really unfortunate that Nth Degree had to close its doors. Nth Degree has been a major innovator in the suspension industry and has developed a near cult following with good reason,” said Dave Harriton, President of AEV. “Because this has happened so quickly, we are still trying to determine how long it will take for us to incorporate their products into our system. It is our goal, however, to have most of the existing suspension line back on the market along with several new products in the near future.”

“Most of the line will remain unchanged, although we will be simplifying and redesigning some of the existing components to make it easier for our dealer network to stock and for our users to install,” Harriton said.

AEV itself has been an Nth Degree customer, employing its suspension and skidplate products on AEV conversion vehicles. AEV will integrate Nth Degree’s design, engineering, and development operations into AEV’s Missoula, Montana facility while warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing will be moved into AEV’s Walled Lake, Michigan plant. Watch for further announcements on plans for former Nth Degree products at www.aev-conversions.com.

Regarded as the premier innovator in the Jeep aftermarket, as well as the only supplier of fully-validated, all-steel stamped parts and accessories for Jeeps, AEV continues a rapid expansion of its offerings to the dedicated Jeep community.

In the past year, the company has brought forth a number of products for the popular new Jeep Wrangler (JK), including a stamped front bumper, hood, corner guards, wheels, and skid plates, among others. The company’s fully-integrated “Brute” conversion kit has electrified the off-road community, providing all parts needed to convert a TJ Wrangler into a custom AEV Brute pickup.

Several AEV vehicles will be featured at the 2007 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Oct. 30 - Nov.2, including a fully-equipped AEV 4-Door Wrangler (JK) with a custom Kicker Audio sound system; a four door Wrangler Unlimited with a 525HP 6.4L HEMI will also be featured.

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Good to hear. If I recall correctly Dave at AEV used to be a Jeep engineer as well. I wonder how this will affect AEV's relationship with Superlift though?
I think AEV has been looking for a foothold in the Jeep suspension arena and it wouldn't surprise me at all to start seeing more "Special Edition" JKs (very much like Steve Saleen has done over the years with Mustangs) coming out of AEV and being sold at Jeep dealerships. Of course, Jeep has already announced that they are taking a page from Toyota and will have their own "TRD" type wranglers in the near future. My local delaership (Don A Vee) has their own "special editions" with new bumpers, lifts, wheels, winches, etc...

I think AEV got a bargin in Nth and I think they'll take it to the next level and produce some mighty impressive JKs and Brutes.
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