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Not a swap but engine problems

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I have had the camshaft position sensor circuit intermittent and torque request denied codes come up on my 2013 jku rubicon for years now. Been in and out of the dealerships. Spent probably close to 8 or 9000 on fixes just for the same code to come up again and again. The dealerships have exhausted the entire STAR report and have replaced camshaft sensors, actuators and phasers, cams, rocker arms and lifters, checked the oil galley plug, replaced the oil filter housing and replaced my computer. Once they replaced the computer, they fixed my timing. After I got it back from them that time, I had to bring it back bc it was acting up. Turned out my camshaft split in half. They said no internals were damaged from that. All that work and still have the same codes coming up. I asked them to check all wiring. Supposedly they did that. I called Chrysler to see if they would help but they said no. What else is there to fix on this jeep that would cause these problems to just continuously keep happening. Please help. I'm so sick of this already.

Thank you in advance.

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I ripped the motor and the wiring out of it and threw in a stand alone 5.3 V8
What are the codes that keep popping up?
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