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EVO MFG has proven to be a leader and innovator in suspension performance, creation and engineering. The EVO MFG 4” Bolt-On Long Arm Kit for the JK will certainly prove to land at the top.

Click below to order your 4" Double D Bolt on Long Arm kit with FREE Bilstein shocks!
EVO Manufacturing JK 4" Double D Bolt on Long Arm Kit, Free Bilstein Shocks

*Sorry fellas, this item is not eligible for online discounts.

More Info:
• EVO1 Adjustors, Full on car adjustability of control arm length, no need to remove control arm to adjust
• Complete Bolt-On Installation, Weld-On if desired, welding will not void warantee
• No need to remove the gas tank to install
• Proven Currie Johnny Joints
• Ability to retains factory high clearance transmission crossmember
• Optimum Roll Center Correction both front and rear
• Engineered to handle up to a true 14” of Vertical Wheel Travel
• EVO Plush Ride Coil Springs
• Complete with EVO MFG Drag Link Flip Kit, Steering Upgrade
• All Control Arms fully compatible with EVO Ultra High Clearance Long Arm system used with the EVOLever

2010+ models require exhaust modification which requires some welding
Cutting and Drilling Required for Complete installation
Can be installed as a weld on if desired
Available with 2 Different bumpstop options to specifically tune travel to your vehicle (Please specify 35" Tire Package-37" w/ Flat Fenders or 37" Tire package- 37" + w/ Flat Fenders)
Aftermarket wheels with 4.5” or less (smaller number) backspacing required

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Just saw your email and was really curious about this "bolt-on long arm kit." So I went to your site, then to EVO's site, but there are no installed pics or installation PDFs to be found anywhere. I think it would be helpful if there was at least a link to an installation procedure, but obviously, pics would be better. That's a chunk o' change for anybody to lay out on the basis of "I think it should be good."
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