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NorCal guys (and girls).....

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Hi guys. FYI: Me and another fellow JK owner (possibly one more too) are planning to do a trail run this Sunday to Baltic Ridge Trail just outside of the Placerville area. We are meeting in Sacramento and going from there. This trail is rated about a 4 but it's new to us (and not too far) and we're willing to check it out. We are planning on getting to know many trails in the NorCal areas. If anyone else is in these neck of the woods and wants to come along, you're welcomed to do so!

Cheers! :cool:
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Placerville isn't that far from me. Just over the hill. I'll keep this in mind and I'd like to go, just depends on scheduling. I'd meet you in Placerville though. ;)
Hi Michael. That sounds good. I'll recheck the map tonight when I get home and let you know the route we'll be taking to get there. If we actually go through Placerville then i'm sure we'd have no problems meeting you there. Cool video BTW. Our JK's are stock still (suspension, tires, wheels) but we are already about to start doing those things and I pretty much know the route i'm going on those things.
Ok, some pics from todays outing to Baltic Ridge Trail. Sorry that these don't seem that exciting but these were taken early in the first trail and then I stopped taking pics. Wish I'd taken more though because we found another trail (by accident, kind of) that was really cool and had some good challenges that would have made for some great pics. But then I was too excited I guess that we found a cool trail to reach for the camera and didn't get those pics. Just means i'll have to go back and do the trail again to get those pics, darn.:devil: But we had a good day and the weather was just perfect. There was snow up top (we reached 7600 feet elev.) but we were all in Tshirts and jeans! It was me (Silver JK) Mike (in Red JK) and his dad in the truck.

BTW, the book "Backcountry Adventures, NorCal" for anyone that does not have it, is good but the directions are confusing to say the least. At least it was to this trail. So get as much info on where you're going before hand.

We are planning another ride in two weeks from now and trying to decide on a few trails that are rated 5-6 for anyone interested in joining us. So far I have 3 JK's lined up for that run. :beer:

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Looks like a great trip Joe!

Sorry I missed out. Next time though.

Oh and more pictures, next time. :)
you wouldn't have missed the manzanita. god i hate how those only seem to grow on edge of the trails

hello guys i just move to redding ca from south florida let me know when you guys go out wheeling next time i know up here they have shasta jeep trail be safe
Hello 08jk. Welcome to California. We'll definately let you know of the next trip. I've been out of things for a while (Jeep related) but am getting back to it. I still want to get something going with Norcal area and Reno area people (actually anyone who wants to go! :)) and hopefully soon.
Haven't been to Chappie in years. OK, decades. How did you end up in Redding at 32? I thought only retired folks and Cal Trans were up there. I grew up in Millville.
lol man yea am a work camper so we get to go all over but we are goin to yosemite next for 7 months
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