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Noise from front end....

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I recently installed a Rough Country BB, and shortly after installation (few days), I noticed an annoying squeeking noise comming from the front end. I am having problems finding it. I have started WD40ing two bushings, joints, and connecting points at a time, but I haven't located the source yet. If I move the steering wheel to make the cab rock, it doesn't squeek. It happens when I encounter slightly rough road conditions. As the wheels and axle absorb the shock there is a squeeking noise that can be heard inside and outside of the cab. At first I thought it just needed to be broken in, so I took it on a trail ride, but the squeek is still there, no worse and no better. Has anyone encountered the same or a similar problem? Any ideas/possible corrections would be appreciated.:confused::confused:
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check your shock bushings and swaybar links for tightness. If that doesn't solve your problem check trackbar but it should be okay. What all did you remove to install. for example I didn't remove my trackbar to install my BB even though the directions said to.
I disconnected the sway bar and shocks, that's all. I got under the front end and checked everything that I could reach easily. It doesn't seem like the shocks or springs because when I make the cab sway it doesn't make it squeek. I am going to dig a lot deeper this weekend.
Make sure you have the springs seated properly other than that I'm not sure without checking it in person. :(
I got under it when I got home today, and had a friend push down on the front bumper. When he pushed down in short quick bursts I could hear the squeeking. I couldn't find exactly where it was comming from, but I narrowed it down to somewhere around the motor mounts and where the transmission connnects to the motor. Has any one had a similar noise maker???? Any suggestions???
Never heard that one before that sucks. You could always take it in to the dealer.
I'll take it to the dealer if I can't find it, but I want to give it a good effort first.

Thanks for trying.
When you put your springs back on, did you make sure you rotated the end of the coil of the spring into the small "notch" on the bottom spring "perch"?
Sure did. It doesn't sound like it's comming from the springs or shocks. Thanks for trying.
The bushings on the rear end of the front control arms are in the general vicinity that you heard the squeak and they would see some motion when you are bouncing the vehicle. I'm guessing you already checked them as that would be pretty obvious.

One thought that just came to mind: It's always a good idea to loosen all of the control arm attachment bolts when you install your lift (if there are rubber bushings involved) and then retorque them when the vehicle is sitting at ride height. The reason is that after the lift the control arms will end up at a slightly different angle and, if you didn't loosen the attachement bolts and retorque them at ride height, the bushings will essentially end up with a slight twist (or a preload) at ride height. That could, perhaps, cause a squeak. The easy way to test this is to just loosen all of the control arm attachement bolts sufficiently that the bushings will "relax" if they have any twist, and then retorque the bolts. This must be done while the vehicle is sitting at ride height.

As a final thought, the front driveshaft attaches to the transfer case in the general area you heard the noise and it, too, will experience some motion when you bounce the vehicle. You might check to make sure the boot or shaft isn't hitting anything.
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That's two new good ideas. Thanks a lot gcg. I will try them tomorrow morning.

I found the source of the squeek this weekdend!!!!

It was causing three things, but they each seemed unrelated. I had a squeeking noise when I encountered rough roads, I had a slight squeed when my clutch was depressed and released, and I had a buzzing sound when I would shift at high rpm (3500 +). I found and fixed the clutch squeek and all three of them stopped. It was unexpected but very welcomed.

Here is a picture of the clupret.

It was a tubing line for my clutch system. The tubing was riding on the metal heat guard material. When I would press the clutch it moved about 1/2" and caused a squeek. Because it was riding on the metal, every time I encountered bumpy roads the tubing would move and cause a different squeek. And, when I would shift out at higher rpm, the tubing would vibrate against the metal causing the buzzing sound. I bent the heat guard out of the way and problem fixed.

Damn I'm happy now!!! :D:D

Hope this helps someone else....
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