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So basically you almost finished a tuneup, forgot to tell your wife it wasn't done and burned up the PCM driving it with the plug wires dangling?

If that was the root cause, stinks that it would be that delicate. Glad the warranty covered it regardless.

Well, I assumed so based on peoples postings about problems with non-OEM plugs. Namely NGK.

Your pretty well versed in the JK though Ron, so I am guessing they in fact are NOT effected by CAN-BUS. That would mean that the wires arnt wither. That would mean that I may have skimped out on aftermarket plugs/wires based on faulty info.

The OPs problem is solved- but you could let me know if I am regurgitating faulty info.
140k, the last 90k running NGK with no issues.

Read a lot of complaints about E3's only for whatever reason.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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