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Hi ya'll,

Not sure if this is a linbus issue or what but I've spent 11 hrs checking grounds and wire runs looking for chafe, a pinch or anything to do with a short. Grounds are tight and clean.

I have no passenger side park/tail lights. The j17 fuse pops the minute I turn the park lights on.

I have no driver side brake/turn signal.

No license plate light.

What I've tried:

1) Unplugged all the bulbs at the sockets. No change
2) Inspected all the grounds for a snapped ring terminal, loose wire or muck. Including the one under the passenger seat by the center console.
3) Verified no 12v at bulb socket by probing the wire.
4) replaced the turn signal/lights multifunction switch with a new MOPAR one.
5) Thinking it was a short to ground I checked continuity underneath the tipm (probed the park wire..wh/tn..) to ground and found no continuity.
6) Swapped tipm's with the 2010 I have in the garage.

I am stumped. Wondering if the signal from the switch going thru the lin by the gauge cluster is compromised?
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