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Thinking about having an mobile application development done for your business expansion but in real designing and developing an application are two distinct aspects. You may create logical image and form expectations around the app but in actual it very complex to actually integrate all your expectations into a functioning piece of software for e.g there are many big shot companies and huge brands which have brilliant websites but are still struggling to go build an actual working application build for their businesses.
Mobile phones have advance a lot in last decade and have turned into a personal assistant for every mobile user, user can manage his everyday task with the help of a mobile, user gets a lot of flexibility and freedom. Mobiles actually have turned into a vital tool for different kind of businesses from transportation, marketing, education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, entertainment,...and many more. Development in innovation, application improvement, user friendliness and troublesome is becoming more and more rapid with the heavy rise of the client quantity who associate with mobile devices.
The smartphone/mobile applications are becoming very popular and proffered by many businesses. The main objective or goal behind developing an Mobile App(Android application development/iOS application development) for business is to maximize the reach of the business with more user engagement. A business gets success when it has more customers, to reach to more and more customers business need mobile app to reflect there presence to potential customers and for expansion of there business resulting into the business growth. The most important key rule to run a business is to reach your target audience. As smartphones have evolved drastically in last decade and has become a need for everyone. Some mobile brands have become a prestige point in society. Smartphones plays an important role in business marketing and expanding their reach through android app development/iOS app development for businesses resulting into customer acquisition and interaction.

  • Mobile Application For Business

Android app development/iOS app development is not a child's play, its not just a application tailored for any business. You need business knowledge and skills to develop highly engaging and user friendly and platform independent application with respect to futuristic changes in platforms. Here we are going to highlight few key points which every app developer, business owner should remember before developing a mobile app for any business.

  • Platform Selection

What is a Platform?
Wikipedia:- A computing platform or digital platform is the environment in which a piece of software is executed. It may be the hardware or the operating system (OS), even a web browser and associated application programming interfaces, or other underlying software, as long as the program code is executed with it.
The platform plays a very important role while building a mobile app.Before choosing a platform you need to keep in mind some factors such as age group, country you are targeting, type of business, functionalities required in the app,....many more.
For e.g If you are planing to launch in USA, you should need to have a study of mostly used platforms there, you should be focusing mainly on iOS and then Android. Whereas if you are targeting India you should be focusing mainly on Android and then iOS. As per the first US example iOS is preferred first and then the Android in US where as the scenario in India is vice versa you can give less importance to windows in both the cases.
In order to choose the best suited platform for your mobile application, you need to remember certain things like app brand, target audience, app features and most importantly pricing strategy. Next step is, you need to choose development methodology for your business app; Native, Mobile Web or Hybrid.

  • Back-end
What is Back-end?

Back-end in simple language is a supporting software to make your application run smoothly, its basically refers to the server-side development The word back-end exactly means behind-the-scene activities that are performed when performing any action on application, back-end is not visible to the users.
This is again a sensitive choice to be made before developing an app. At the same time, not all the apps you develop require a custom back-end and also connect to the mobiles using APIs. You can handle the entire app with a local database and these apps do not require any kind of back-end support. In the perspective of a developer. A Developer must carefully analyse the need for a back-end, keeping other constraints like cost and time in mind to setup a back-end and take a decision.

  • Target Audience

Identify your actual users.Remember to focus on your audience while creating an app, factors like the country which you are targeting and do analysis of users, age group of your targeted users and interests of the people should be taken into consideration before app designing for e.g If you are developing a online shopping app, you should put more pictorial illustrations and less content, this will get your audience sticked/connected with the app. Even if your app is very sound technically, the long term run/success depends on how it satisfies the users.
Questions like who are going to use my application and how it can add value to their lives and make it more feasible and flexible to reach you, it will definitely help you in achieving your goal to reach max. number of users, should be asked before starting development. If you meet the expectation of your users, definitely your app is going to get popular and it will help you to generate more revenue and hence expanding your business ensuring the growth.

  • Competitor App Analysis
Every field has competitors and you should always keep learning but not from your mistakes, learn from your competitors mistakes by analysis their approach towards running business and by analyzing their App.
It is always good to keep an eye on the market and see what your competitors are giving. Try to use similar apps and functionalities which you want to develop for your business and think, analyse as a user not as a business man dreaming about future, you will achieve to cross various hurdles to get successful. By thinking like a user you will get to know what you expect as a customer. Users do have a mentality to search for something new as the same things make them board and irritates them resulting into lessening users interest in your app. It is always useful to provide an extra feature or an enhanced version of a feature to the users, rather than what is already available in the market. There are hundreds and sometimes thousands of apps available in the market, from which you can pick top 10 apps of your competitors and analyse them fully. Once you get to know what your competitor provides, you can plan how you can provide it better. That extra mile you cross could be the deciding factor for your future.

  • Conclusion
Today around everybody uses smartphones using it people perform various online tasks. The number of mobile devices are more than PCs and growing and growing everyday. Around 70% of the people spend time on apps for purchasing, payment, and booking many more. Mobile application development is proving out to be an essential tool for business growth, marketing and reach to potential customers. So, while developing an app for your business you should keep the above things in your mind.

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