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Was thinking about running these once I make the jump to bigger tires, but their tires for a 15" rim are way wider than what I wanna run, so I may have to change my plans and go with a 16 or 17" rim. The only downside I see is that then I'm stuck with a D load range tire. I wanted to go with a C for good ride quality. How do they ride in a D load range? I wanna go with a 35x12.50 tire on a 8" wide wheel. I'd consider going with a 15"x10" wheel if Nitto made them in a 35x13.50 for that wheel size, but its a 35x14.50, way wider than I wanna go.

Other than the ride, yeah I know they are gonna be noisy, but I want something that I know will do good in mud, and something that will give me the piece of mind that its gonna be super durable, and something that will balance fairly easy (as apposed to Swampers).
I just stepped up to 40's and I went with these because I couldn't get the KM2's, I've only had them on for a few hundred miles but this is what I've found. I run 28 psi for the street and it rides really nice, now, do I lose some MPG running them that low? Yes, but I don't care because when I drive I want to be comfortable and if I lose a couple MPG so be it.

Sound, oh yea they're loud!

Good luck with your choice.


PS. It took less weight to balance them than the 37" KM2's, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts