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Nice guns- but you NEED one of these!

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How about your very own military troop carrier?!!!:mr-t:

I have 12 of 'em!

6X6, turbo diesel multifuel engines, low range, pull anything, go anywhere (almost), and they will haul all your weapons and ammo!

I just picked up the box van and some trailers today-


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I collect and buy and sell military vehicles. Alot of people ask the same as you--- but you would be surprised how many people want one. We take them on offroad trail runs like the Jeeps. We have MV get togethers. We like to take them out when we shoot our guns. Also make dumpbeds and water trucks out of them. Also "bob" them- lose an axle, shorten the bed, lift it and put some 53" tires on it! Talk about a BADDASS truck. Check out steelsoldiers.com if you want to check them out more.

You and alot of people may not see the point, but its something fun to do that is kinda addicting like alot of things. (Jeeps, guns, planes, trains, etc.)

The cabin you see is a place called the Slash X, a bar in the desert that we made a run to a couple of weeks ago.


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Well, I know where I am going when the world comes to an end. Hundy, you have room for a few extras?[/QUOTE

Always have room for my fellow jeepsrs! Next is the underground command center
here I'm having a hellova time finding a deal on an M104 type trailer and you're dealing in troop carriers!
I'm jealous:mr-t:

I have a bunch of m101s and m105s, but no 104s.
how about M100s or M416s?
Lookin for something to pull with the JK
I made the mistake of buying a M332, just a little overkill....

The 416 is the hot setup for the jeep but I haven't seen one for sale as surplus yet. The Canadian m101 is the same as a 416.

M416, canadian m101-- 1/4 ton
m101-- 3/4 ton
m105-- 1 1/2 ton
How much? :p

$3000-5000 depending on what they have- power steer, winch, etc.
Theres a guy that runs a local surplus shop here that has a 416 I think - the 1/4 ton solid tub with no tailgate cutout, date plaque say 1986 I think
he wants $950 for it in decent shape
not pretty, but its solid
I thought that was about $300 too high?

950 is probably not bad. I have seen them go for as much as $1500!
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