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NEWBY Here...haha

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Hey I hope I can get some help here (which i know i will)

My name is Lance and i am 26 and i am finally "retiring" from landscaping and lawn maintenance. I am looking at buying a 2007 or new JK 4dr. I have a mastercraft ski boat that will be the only i tow. It isn't a super big boat and i have towed it with smaller trucks before. I don't have to tow too far but we have been known to venture away from our home lake to some surrounding lakes within a couple of hours. How is the towing on the Unlimiteds...i plan on getting a Manual Tranny to help and i am assuming the longer wheel base will do fine but just wanting some advice from the pro's. Of course the dealers say it will tow anything but i no better. I would say it drove by itself if i was looking for a commission...

Thanks for the help

here is the boat
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There is a boat in that picture?

Seriously though, welcome to the forum. Nice boat!!
I didnt read the post - but more pics of chicks in bikinis please!
Yeah this country boy lucked up in the wife department....Knew I went to college for something!!!!
I was worried when I married my wife that she'd find out Im a pervert. Now I tell her to tone it down some. Good work.
The best part is when I look at buying a new toy....she says, and I quote "it is your money." That is better than yes go ahead...haha
You should be fine pulling the boat.....not sure it will pull the boat and the bikini clad woman.....now, me being the nice guy I am, I am willing to take the bikini wearing woman for you....just give me a call...and if my wife answers....hang up.
is that a mid to late 80's MC.. i have a 81 brown instead of blue... very nice boats..
The best part is when I look at buying a new toy....she says, and I quote "it is your money." That is better than yes go ahead...haha
You go a keeper my friend. My wife says things like "You better be glad I love this Jeep too." As long as that gets me 5 new tires - I'm happy ;).
Good eye....it is an 83 that was custom built for Cypress Gardens, then after a year got an 84 interior and sold as an 84 new. The interior is back to 83 and obviously the tower isn't standard, found the guy that fab'd all the orginal MC towers and he custom built that one in his garage. My first was an 82 Brown/Tan....I am addicted to these boats. This boat is THE boat that made me fall in love with MC's...took me ten years to convince my buddy to sell it...
I live about 800 yards from cypress gardens. Small world.
very nice.. i grew up in my boat.. and the tower isnt for me but it is a very nice lookin one it goes with the boat.. i redid the interior and rebuilt the motor a couple years back.. it seems that as long as the shaft and the engine are aligned properlly they'll run forever
mine still has the orginal wire ties around the motor mounts from the factory....starts first time everytime...i have seen several alot older than mine still running like champs...you should check out www.mastercraft.com/teamtalk/portal.php
it was time for the engine to get rebuilt...both heads were cracked... its all about how you take care of it.. ive seen a brand new boat get trashed in 3 years.. but depending on where you keep your boat you should look into a hitch for hte front.. i have one and its amazing to be able to move it where ever you want
I am still looking for that perfect JK 4dr....I am extremely picky about vehicles and don't get in a big hurry ... so it might take me a few months to find that perfect one, but i will have one....
i kno how you feel... im pretty sure you cant get any more stripped down than the one i got.. it has no power no ac
They say first impressions are important. Opening up with a pic like that made a good impression.

As far as towing goes, here's my experience. I have 4 different trailers I tow with my Jeep. A 5x8 utility trailer for hauling firewood, a 17 foot fishing boat, a large popup camper, and a 22' triple tube pontoon.

The only one that gives me any trouble is the pontoon. The wind load is terrible. It's like towing a house. It's got more tongue weight than the Jeep likes so it raises the front end too much for night driving The toon and trailer weigh around 4000 lbs. It doesn't seem like the weight is the problem, its the frontal area of the toon.

The other trailers weigh about 2000 -2500 lbs loaded and don't give it any problems at all - except on the expressway. It will maintain speed but it takes a while to get there.

Before I got the Jeep I had a 21' Regal bowrider on a tandem trailer that I pulled with my van. It pulled so much easier than the pontoon, it was like night and day. It also weighed about 700 lbs more. Here too, the difference seems to be the frontal area of the trailer.

The Mastercrafts I see around here seem smaller on the trailer than my old Regal was so I think they will be even easier to tow. I wouldn't hesitate to tow one with my Jeep. Whether or not it will be acceptable to you on the freeway is another matter. Only testing it will tell.

One thing I cannot stress enough - have good brakes on the trailer and service them regularly. When the towed load nearly equals the weight of the tow vehicle you really have to be very careful.

As was mentioned before, once you get a front hitch, you'll never want to be without one again.
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I have a few trailers that I tow with the JK too.....Standard, 35" tires 4:10 gear ratio (soon switching to a 4:88)
1. Single jetski trailer - poses no problems
2. Doulbe Jet skid trailer.....when the tongue weight is adjusted properly it is about all I want to haul......
3. Sinlge axle that pulls a 4 wheeler & Polaris Mule for hunting - again this about all I want to pull as well - if the tongue weight is adjusted properly.

I doubt you will have any problems with that boat, providing it is stock with the tow package. But if you add tires and do not add gears you will be pulling all you want as well.
i think youll be fine with a 4 door and towing that boat. i tow a coal trailer about 2500lbs , it long and narrow, pulls it fine. i also have a 20' pontoon boat that i take about a mile to the lake and its hborrible, i dont know how much it weighs but its not the weight its the fact that the boat sits 4' higher than the jeep and the wind kills it, lucky for me i only go a mile with it. and i have a 2 door
Got some good news today...maybe. Stopped by the local dodge jeep dealership and i may be able to get into a brand new 09 instead of buying a used one....and they said as long as the lift isn't over 4" that it won't void the warranty
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