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Copied from Pirate:

We need your help!

As we all know, legal trail riding opportunities in the East are rare. Even more rare are NEW places to ride. With your help, we can create a new opportunity for off-road enthusiasts.
The Rock Run Recreation Area is a multi-use facility owned by the Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority. It was formerly owned by a coal company and was purchased with state monies and turned over to the CCCRA. The area now boasts in excess of 50 miles of ATV trails, with another 100 miles of trails planned. Rock Run is located near Patton, PA, about 2 hours east of Pittsburgh.
Last fall, State Representative Gary Hulska (D) held a meeting for those who had emailed the park in hopes of OHV trails. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Western PA 4x4 Trails Advisory Committee was formed to assist the RRRA with creating trails.
After countless hours of trail planning and building, a small trail ride was held in November 2007. While cold and snowy, the event was considered a success. When spring broke, the Committee addressed erosion concerns and continued to create trails.
Last weekend, the park held its first official trail ride. It was a huge success for those involved. Members of Big Rubbers, Black List Wheelers Association, and Maryland Creepers brought approximately 30 rigs to the park. All trail levels from easy green trails to brutal red trails were run, some for the first time.
With our continued success and good relationship with the park, the board of Rock Run appears ready to purse more OHV trail opportunities. While they know ATVs, they are not aware of the popularity of the OHVs.

We need your support! Please send an email to both of these addresses. Please indicate that you are happy to see the park and would like to see more trails in place. We can make this happen!
[email protected]
[email protected]

More information can be found at www.rockrunrecreation.com and http://wpa4xtrac.org

And to wet your appetite:

I'll be contacting these folks to let them know that I am VERY interested. There are so few wheeling areas available on the East Coast that this is HUGE! Please send them a message to say you are interested too. :D
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