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Bout time to start a new big project. picked this up on pirate for a price I could not pass on (free) and have already started a build list and gathering parts

Vehicle Transport Car Tree Automotive wheel system

94 yj, back halved, full cage to tied to the frame, welds are solid, cage is chromoly (weighs a ton and a half), setup for coilovers f/r, triangulated links out back, long arm front, set for fue cell and v8.

Already have 14 bolt rear from suburban, 5.7 chevy and 700r4 (4l60) from a 91 blazer.

On the look for a driver drop 60 front. Gonna run c/o up front air shocks out back, hydro assist, 37s and, atlas 2. Etc etc.

Excited to get started hope to be ready for tds in march
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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